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Kush Arora & MC ZULU Team Up On Azonto-Kuduro Twisting ‘Witch Doctor’.


Thanks to Okay Africa for supporting the new azonto MC ZULU and I teamed up for the second in the KAP series of combining dancehall vocalists with the future of African electronic music, this time making versions with Kuduro and Azonto flavored sounds.

Thanks to Okay Africa for supporting the new azonto MC ZULU and I teamed up for the second in the KAP series of combining dancehall vocalists with the future of African electronic music, this time making versions with Kuduro and Azonto flavored sounds.

After years of following these Angolan and Ghana based movements, us longtime collaborators and touring mates have decided to give the sound a go. Earlier this year we headlined the first night of Reggae On The River, and we did in August around that time. Dave Sharma from the NYC disco out fit, and old pal and amazing drummer did some percussion on the track too.

We’ve included a video of me making the tune and also a free download of the acapella  at 140 BPM for anybody to remix! Just send it to us!

My short trip to Berlin, Jan 2014.

Berlin, cold as hell I love you so very much! Here’s a round of the evenings that I had. Luckily when I got there Kid Kameleon from Surya Dub was around and we immediately went to Panorama bar after some good foods to see MJ COLE and Wookie absolutely kill it.

Another night, linked with Tommy Lexxus and we got to hear the Lion’s Den sound at YAM, which a bar with a beach and a wicked sound system. Ras Lion played and Radikal Guru headlined. Off to another joint and heard the Infrasound crew play great old deep dub step and ran into Cotti up in the place!

The Last adventure was with one of my absolutely favorite dj’s on the planet, DJ ZHAO Off to a corner of Berlin and underneath an art gallery lay a party which I have the video here. Solid african underground and middle eastern charged electronic sounds and real great people.Thanks guys for making it a blast.

I hope to be back soon and spread the sounds.

Kush Remixing Iceland’s gothic pop band Bloodgroup.

Welcome to a new identity I present to the world- ONLY NOW. This remix was done for the song “Nothing Is Written In The Stars” by Bloodgroup. Make sure to check the incredibly creepy video of the original. This alias explores industrial sounds, space, and darkness.

Bloodgroup are from Iceland on Sugarcane Recordings with a new record “Disquiet EP”, dropping dec 2nd with remixes by Com Truise, Keep Shelly IN Athens, Girl UNit, Renaissance Man.

Icelandic band Bloodgroup have had their powerfully crafted brand of electronic music playing on my stereo on repeat ever since the February release of the Tracing Echoes Album on Sugarcane. The highly developed album was described as majestic ballads, grinding beats, and a pop single or three thrown in for good measure from the likes of Dummy Magazine.

Earmilk (Canada) claims ‘The Icelandic foursome cut icy melodies through the steam on Tracing Echoes, undoubtedly their best to date, but more impressively, one of the best albums of 2013. With its delicate vocals and gemmed synths, (it) strikes closer to early Knife or Zola Jesus than Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode’s shadow might reach far and wide, but their descendants keep finding ways to push gloomy synth-pop into darker, tighter corners.

Bloodgroup rips up the mold, equal parts muscle and machine, the band manages to concoct a mixture that’s just as addictive as anything from Dave Gahan and company’……… And with that……we give you the new Disquiet EP.

Chance The Rapper Preparing For New Album

Chance The Rapper is about to release his debut LP and he is working together with some impressive names in the hip hop industry to make sure he hits the jackpot as soon as the album hits the shelves. If you are not yet familiarized with the artist, here are a few details.


Explosive Mixtape By Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper has gained his popularity short after releasing his highly praised Acid Rap mix tape. Ever since, a large number of singers, rappers, and even pop stars and models started expressing their interest into collaborating with him. Originally from Chicago, Chance The Rapper is preparing for his debut LP and he has managed to do a great job at picking the best artists to work with. GQ has recently published a piece claiming the artist has worked on a powerful team featuring artists like J. Cole, Andre 3000 and Frank Ocean. His debut LP album has not received a title just yet, bust fans are eager to see it come out the market. But the rapper is also bringing his special input on the Surf album which belongs to the guys at The Social Experiment Band.

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Rappers With One-Of-A-Kind Hobbies

There are a lot of rappers who adopt tough attitudes in their songs and when performing live on stage and who are completely the opposite in reality, or at least different from the image they are trying to project to their public. Today we decided to share with you some of the most interesting hobbies and at the same time unique or weird hobbies some of the most beloved rappers out there are known to have.


Bug Collecting – Is That Really A Thing?

Apparently so, at least this is what rappers DMX and Kool Keith seem to have thought. They were both bug collectors and they had a passion for everything that crawled and slugged on the ground. The two rappers have plenty of rap-related things in common, but jail wasn’t one of them. DMX is the only one who’s actually been caught by the police while into the possession of marijuana – Kool Keith was probably too busy collecting bugs in his backyard.

Plies Used To Be An Athlete

Popular rapper Plies used to play football and even received scholarships for that – he was that talented! He used to play receiver for the Miami University in Ohio between 1996 and 1997 and he even got a transfer at the University of Central Florida – he continues his football player career there but he decided to drop out of school. His best score? 25 receptions for 262 yards and two amazing touchdowns.

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Zuzuka Poderosa/Kush Arora “SEDA” video on SPIN

Check the video premier on SPIN here for “SEDA” A year in the making, Kush and Zuzuka Poderosa have teamed up for “Carioca Bass EP” that dropped on Jan 29th on Little Owl Recordings. It features 2 originals+ Remixes from Sonora, Murderbot, Jess Jubilee+Burt Fox, CEE, HXDB, Nego Mocambique. It’s been featured on RCRDLBL, Tropical Bass, and many more sites.

I tunes/Beatport/Amazon

Stream the record

“Zuzuka has turned to our minds like the impact of a helicopter against the building; like a hot gate of sound for this snowy weekend. Zuzuka is a Big Bang. Zuzuka is poderosa.”NHM (Spain/London)

Not only is she bringing her own brand of the hot Brazilian underground sound to the rest of the world, but from her international vantage point she operates like a provocatively rhyming hurricane, sucking up global riddims from ghettotech to dancehall and flinging them back out at gale-force speeds.” – MTV

Born in Vitoria, Brazil, ZUZUKA PODEROSA grew up in Rio and spent her formative years in the West Indies. She later moved to Brooklyn, NY, to study jazz vocal improvisation and work at her poetry. For the past few years, she’s been building up the underground Baile Funk, Moombahton and Global Bass scene in New York.

In my own words, this is why I work with Zuzuka:

She sounds dangerous, intense, unhinged, and different and more experimental than the baile funk, carioca, and tropical bass vocalists I hear out there. She has an amazing stage presence, uncompromising attitude and intense energy that she pushes forth, and her willingness to experiment outside of the small box of samples and traditions from the Brazilian electronic movement. She has that knack to take people, propel them into motion to get down and forget about the world, but lyrically she’s not all fun and games, which is very important to me.

Tracks on the EP are remixed by:
Jess Jubilee: Though now splitting her time between Miami and Brooklyn, XLR8R’s “artist to watch” Jubilee will always be Brooklyn’s bass sweetheart. Known for her rambunctious combination of upfront bass music, UK house, and tropical flavors, she has become a surefire remedy for ailing dancefloors around the globe.

Sonora, also known as Sonora Longoria, is a producer of Latin and third world/global bass music who resides in San Antonio, Texas. He released his debut EP, “Siempre Fresco,” in September of 2010 through the label Peligrosa, and since then he has had other releases through Dutty Artz, Friends of Friends, Man Recordings, Sounds Of Sumo, and Mad Decent. The “cumbia child” Sonora has accomplished quite a few projects with global artists, one being for his “Remezcla” EP series where he takes on remixing and recording with carioca bass diva Zuzuka Poderosa. The album received a great review by MTV: “her souped-up Brazilian chatter collides head-on with Sonora’s Latin-flavored bass. As you might imagine, sparks fly everywhere and stuff catches on fire.”

El Negro Mozambique, a Brazilian expat living in Toronto, who has been in the electronic music scene for more than ten years, performing live acts of his own compositions, mash ups and remixes, and also creating soundtracks for TV and movies.
Others include: Vancouver’s HXDB, Chicago’s Chrissy Murderbot and CEE.
Song meanings:
‘Psicodelia‘ is an upbeat track featuring Zuzuka rapping about fireworks at a party that are, in fact, gunfire and bombs in one of Brazil’s favelas.

Sedais a play on words. Seda is Portuguese for rolling papers. In this song, Zuzuka touches on everything sexy about the drug while advocating for its legalization as there are “worse things happening to people because of its criminalization.”

Music As A Main Component Of Latest Ladbrokes Products

There’s something all cultures in this world have in common and that’s music, taken in its overall and universal meaning. Music is a form of expression which shares messages and ideas better than any other language ever invented in the history of humanity. Music goes straight from musicians to public without any limits.Music

This is the great revolution in many modern cultures that began to use music to convey messages, usually political ones. Ethnic music is deeply part of the American musical culture: the numerous communities of black people in the Union create music associations and groups trying to keep their African origins still alive.

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