Kush remixing JBoogie+MCZULU+Afrolicious for Om Records

J Boogie returns for the final single from his “Undercover” album with a tropical burner.

No Freedom is a nod to the classic sounds of Afrobeat with Pleasuremaker of Afrolicious laying down the funky groove for MC ZULU to deliver his message of political affairs. Kush Arora bangs out a remix for the club with some aggressive bass and 808 stompers. His mix of Kuduro, UK Funky and Dread Bass takes the horn section into outer space. This single is sure to create some sweat in the clubs over the summer!

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J Boogie is the Producer who brings all these artists from different walks of life together into a musical representation of the new tropical sound. Funky, soulful, percussive, and ready for the club.

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