My short trip to Berlin, Jan 2014.

Berlin, cold as hell I love you so very much! Here’s a round of the evenings that I had. Luckily when I got there Kid Kameleon from Surya Dub was around and we immediately went to Panorama bar after some good foods to see MJ COLE and Wookie absolutely kill it.

Another night, linked with Tommy Lexxus and we got to hear the Lion’s Den sound at YAM, which a bar with a beach and a wicked sound system. Ras Lion played and Radikal Guru headlined. Off to another joint and heard the Infrasound crew play great old deep dub step and ran into Cotti up in the place!

The Last adventure was with one of my absolutely favorite dj’s on the planet, DJ ZHAO Off to a corner of Berlin and underneath an art gallery lay a party which I have the video here. Solid african underground and middle eastern charged electronic sounds and real great people.Thanks guys for making it a blast.

I hope to be back soon and spread the sounds.

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